Thursday, 29 October 2015

Check MeeSeva Certificate Application Status in Online

Check MeeSeva Certificate Application Status Ap Meeseva Application Forms and ap meeseva aadhar seeding quires about toll free number detials are available in meeseva official website. Now you can ger all the information like ap epass, government jobs in employment news, government jobs online applications information can get at meeseva..

Meeseva Official Portal - Government of Andhra Pradesh Meeseva online portal, the portal of the state of the IT Development Capacity Building meeseva, Revenue Minister Reddy started here on Friday. On this occasion, the authorities have made efforts to expand across the state meeseva, presented the program started laptops.

broadband available to 25 thousand villages, 12 towns in the state of 4G services, the availability of services to become available, we minister said. By meeseva banking services in remote areas will soon be offered. Meeseva also said to be linked to Aadhaar. However, the Minister Reddy said, "your service, 'said the citizens's services.  meeseva Revenue Department said..

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Online Meeseva Services:

Localization of properties
Certified Copies Issued by Dy.Tahsildar
No Property Certificate
Extract of House site /D- Form Patta application
Certified Copies of ROM
Certified copies of Panchanama
Mineral Concession
Appeals on Demarcation
Extract of NOC under Explosive/petroleum act
Sanction of Incentives.(IT&C)
ApathBandhu Scheme(DISTADMIN)
Pawn Broker(DISTADMIN)
Money Lending(DISTADMIN)
Sanction of Incentives.(Industries)
Encumbrance Certificate(CARD)
Certified Copy Application(CARD)

"This suvidha 'in the name of your service centers run by municipalities from January first to bring ten new services to be fully available. This will grow to 48 the number of services available in your service centers. So far, 38 of the 43 branches of the services offered meeseva centers. 15 of these services, particularly in the municipalities, municipalities are of concern to citizens. The new admission, with 70 per cent to Rs Officials attributed the Pura services become available through your services. Two municipal bodies in the district, and seven municipalities, 58 municipal service centers are functioning under the Ministry. Of these it is possible to obtain these services to the citizens.

MeeSeva Locator Districts Wise:









Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore



East Godavari









These new services ...Admission, based on the availability of new services and bring some instant. Some of the staff are fully trained and then decided to try to get him to be available in January. According to the newly-reaching services can apply for connection to the tap water to the citizens of Pura. Business can apply to municipalities renewal, new building permits can be applied. New Assessment can file a request for the documents. Assessment by the subdivision request for the document to be filed in meeseva. Tax, requests, the experience of the place, the transfer of ownership of the property and the seizure of the polar documents were able to apply online.

Awareness programs Trade, building permits, occupancy certificates, and other services that require a good understanding of  meeseva managers believed by the authorities. For the regions of municipal staff trainings zooming by Region taxable new services in your nursing home staff awareness program held on the 27th of this month. Municipal premises have been set up for this training. After learning the full extent of the newly introduced ten services will come into effect from the new year. director of the municipal department is planning new services on the orders of the municipal authorities.

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