Friday, 2 October 2015

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme:

Thousands of Field Assistants of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme to return, removing the government, the appointment of the positions taken by the newly  political colour. Naturally the government officials who are eligible candidates are selected to apply for the job. But, during the reign of  Fatherland committees entrusted with the responsibilities of the government forces them to be selected.

Members of the committee, which claims . Field Assistants of the selection process began to replace the ones removed. 1,660 selected villages, the government immediately issued orders for the new field assistant. This process will be completed in ten District Project Director (PD) was given to the verbal commands. The notification regarding the appointment of Field Assistants villages gram panchayat office is placed on the board.

Sameeksha (English / Hindi)
Report to the People 2015 (English / Hindi)
Report on Capacity Building of MGNREGA Functionaries on Operational Guidelines
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Manual for IPPE 2014-15
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DGS&D Rate Contract for Finger Print Devices

News of the names of the three workers who applied for the selection committee makes a g of the Fatherland. By sends the details of the PD, lifts district. PD, one of three suggested committee members are appointed by the field assistant. News of the leaders and the followers of this policy that are likely to field the allegations were named as assistants.

Under the supervision of the CM office Field Assistants removal of the villages, their place in the new Minister in the Office of Rural Development office officials are constantly negotiating an officer. How many people fired district-wise, how many newly details collected daily from superiors.