Monday, 21 March 2016

11 Simple Tips to Speed up your Android Mobile Fast, how do i fix it

11 Simple Tips to Speed up your Android Mobile Fast, how do i fix it: Your Android phone is running slow? 11 ways Fast speed up your phone its a simple tricks If you bought expensive Android phone to hang or slow walking and repeatedly disturbed, it is also the measure. For this you need to go to a mechanic or a computer engineer and rather adopt some tricks mentioned a few moments the phone will run smooth. These 11 tricks work on all Android phones.

Why Is Your Android Phone Running Slow?

According to Android Authority, which are the latest app Among the many new things are linked, it runs in your phone, normal speed. So it is better if they are installed in your mobile app update several months old. System to update (Settings> About phone> System updates), or in Czech, if the phone is not updated when the system update.

If you live as a wallpaper or screen saver or wallpaper on the screen has replaced the small image to use. The Live Wallpaper that use more RAM. This improves the speed of the phone as well as the battery will run even more.

How to Speed up an Android Phone: 11 Steps

There are also many in our phone apps that we do not ever use. The app immediately to uninstall or disable it. This will improve the speed of Android phones. When disabled, the benefit would be that if you need to enable this application can be used by.

Some of their mobile devices to turn off or reduce the animation. About Click here to go into the settings for the phone with a built-in option number will show up. The developer will then tap the option you seven times. The system can not find the developer options in the settings option to go back and search for system developer. Here you will scale the animation window or off the .5x. It will run your mobile right speed.

Your Android phone is the most efficient way to run fast. Running from the day's cache and RAM Mobile Data, will clear enough space left in which your mobile will run smooth. All you need to manage the app or click on the option in Settings app. Here on an application by one Clear the cache and data. Your phone will now better than ever.

System Auto synchronized mode when you add whatever data or interact they seem to be online so your system slows down. For this off in Settings to auto synchronized.

In addition to the File Manager application, which is how it is in the form of temporary files. Also attached to the system temporary files and cache for the app and delete files. Not only did the memory of your phone will run fine but also would eliminate redundant data.

Despite these measures, given the speed of your phone if it is not fixed, you can use a third-party Android launcher. Go Launcher Ex in third party launchers, like Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher. So after all this hangs the phone, try the next step.

Reset mode to the factory to the mobile format is risky work. Months old to be safe because your data is cleared. Even your mobile number saved go flying. But this is a guarantee that the factory reset will not hang on to your mobile. Your important data in the memory card for it and not skimming  numbers in SIM Save.

Despite the above measures, if your slow running or hang the app so you can use custom Rome.

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