Saturday, 19 March 2016

Know Features and Options of Android N and Marshmallow Version gsmarena

Know Features and Options of Android N and Marshmallow Version gsmarena: Google's Android operating system has started preparing for the new update. Ann M. Android OS Android, the company is supposed to bring. Android N (Android N) several improvements and new features are included. Here's Google's latest mobile operating system, Android en particular things like apps to know more about check at

Android release date and device availability N: N preview version of Google's Android was introduced on March 9. Usually the new Android OS, Google I / O (Google I / O), which are showcased in the conference May 18, 2016 is scheduled to meet. Google says that Android en final preview version will be ready by the summer. The final version will be released around October. Well, close to launch new Nexus phone. Then, in the next few weeks for the current Nexus devices will be Android N rollout. N hopes that in 2017, Samsung A7 Android smartphone will be available in some countries.

Android N Feature Updates and Options:

Android N Full Name: This is a long-established tradition that the Android operating system name is taken as a dessert. We can only speculate on what would be the name, either a dessert or some kind of sweets will. These common names KitKat exception is apparently a brand., Android, Chrome OS and Google's  signal that the name of the next version of Android is named another brand means Nutella can be.

Android Marshmallow Options with Features:

Android's special features N-Multi Windows Support: A new feature of the new features of Android N will support multi windows. The single display, multiple users can work on the app. The user can also use the drag or the side of the split screen can open.Calling Android N setting is changed. If someone calls you do not want to keep him in the call log will be an option for it. In addition to call someone she can decide if you want notifications.